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Our story began no differently than yours. As pet owners that dealt with messes, we tried nearly every pet stain and odor remover on the market. Too many to count, really. And as I'm sure you've experienced, none of them really worked. Some only partially removed old stains, hardly any eliminated the odors -- in fact, most covered them up with perfumes -- and not one of them consistently prevented our pets from re-marking. How in the 21st century can there not be a product out there that works?

So we met with a renowned chemist who suggested we mix two of the most powerful cleaning ingredients on the planet -- micelles and concentrated oxygen. We tried and tested on every mess possible and once we saw how successful these two ingredients work in concert, we jumped for joy -- Pristine Pet was born.

We’re tremendously excited over what we’ve created and we’re so sure you’ll love Pristine Pet too -- whether you’re cleaning pee, poo, vomit, or blood -- that we promise to give you your money back if it does not meet your expectations.