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Let Me Guess...

Your little ‘bundle of love’ left another surprise -- even though you let them out EVERY time they asked, gave them treats, and let them sleep on the couch (even though they’re not supposed to).

We’ve been there and have the stink and stains to prove it! Like you, we treated these ‘accidents’ with enzyme cleaners.

The result? The stains are gone -- but so is the carpet’s color. And the stink? Well... You know. By the time the enzymes work, the smell sinks into everything around it. Sure, the stain’s smell is gone, but now the furniture, fabrics on the blinds, and surrounding floors stink.

We decided to fix that by creating a product that protects your floors, furniture, and furry friends. So, we hired a top scientist to reimagine the pet stain & odor remover. The result? Pristine Pet -- the premiere pet stain & odor remover.