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Only Clean Ingredients

We started by banning over 1,000 potentially harmful ingredients. Once we kicked out all the bad stuff, we tapped our clean biotech knowledge to create scientifically backed, extra-pure formulas -- everything you need, nothing you don't.

What We Don't Use

Nonylphenol (NPE)
Detrimental effect on reproductive systems

Synthetic Fragrance
Possible allergens, may contain phthalates

Hormone disruptors

Can decrease the durability of carpet fibers

Potential hormone disruptors

Can be skin irritants

What's In Pristine Pet?

Micellar Cleanser

Micelles are a phenomenon from the beauty industry. Gentle and amazingly effective, these suspended surfactant molecules work like a magnet to gently break down soil particles. Our micellar surfactant is CleanGredients listed and biodegradable.

Concentrated Oxygen

Oxygen is a cleaning superhero and Pristine Pet harnesses it through a highly-efficient, professional-grade hydrogen peroxide (not what you find at the drug store) to lift the broken-down soil particles to the surface and evaporate them.